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'Morgan Spurlock Inside Man' Season 2 Finale: College athletes
June 5th, 2014
12:12 PM ET

'Morgan Spurlock Inside Man' Season 2 Finale: College athletes

College football players were the absolute best players on their high school teams. The only thing almost all of them have ever dreamed about being is a professional football player.

With less than 2% of all eligible college football players getting drafted into the NFL, countless student athletes remain utterly dedicated to the dream of playing professional sports - even in the face of injury and overwhelming odds.

While many student athletes are attending college on scholarships – an experience that gives them a top-notch education along with discipline, camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime, Morgan believes that something’s gotta give when it comes to compensation for college athletes.

Fort one thing, football is a dangerous sport, and four years of it in college could have some lasting health effects. Without guaranteed health insurance, student athletes not only risk a lifetime of health problems — but the financial burden that comes with them.

Below are links to some of CNN’s coverage of some of the issues that college athletes face when it comes to issues like compensation, the NCAA, injuries, and more.

● NCAA discussing how it deals with academic fraud

● NCAA faces change, legal challenges in months ahead

VIDEO: NCAA meal scholarship rules

VIDEO: NCAA approves new food regulations

VIDEO: NCCAA to offer athletes unlimited food

UConn guard on unions: I go to bed 'starving'

College football an inhumane spectacle

Northwestern coach urges players to vote against unionization

Northwestern to ask for board for review of decision allowing players to unionize

CNN OPINION: The hypocrisy of big-time college sports

Several football players take part in protest for NCAA reforms

NCAA says Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel must sit half a game

VIDEO: Manziel coach speaks out

Johnny Manziel unlimited, unleashed - and under NCAA investigation

High school athletes found more vulnerable to concussions

CNN OPINION: Make football safe for our kids

Obama questions whether risks of football worth it for college players

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June 5th, 2014
11:00 AM ET

The 'Inside Man' on college sports

Morgan Spurlock practices (with padding) with the football team at Ole Miss - one of the biggest football programs in the U.S.

Morgan TACKLES the subject of college sports by embedding himself in some of the top programs in the U.S. to see firsthand what it takes to be a top-level college athlete, what kind of education these kids are actually getting, and what life is like under the watchful eye of the NCAA.

Schools are making millions off the backs of these kids –- should the athletes themselves be able to share in the profits?

Watch the SEASON TWO FINALE of "Morgan Spurlock Inside Man" Sunday at 10pm ET/PT. Only on CNN.

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June 5th, 2014
10:00 AM ET

Coaches are watching their every move

It's game day at Hargrave Military Academy - one of the last chances for students to impress college scouts and coaches.

Watch "Morgan Spurlock Inside Man" Sunday at 10pm ET/PT. Only on CNN

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